Protection of the plant plays an important roll in farming. Farmers takes much more efforts to save their 'CROPS' and to increase rate of production they nearly give their every thing.

Since to save "CROPS' farmer uses most costly chemicals, which are sprayed by help of PLANT PROTECTION EQUIPMENT".

We are manufacturers of Plant Protection Equipments since last ten years. Mostly we Manufacturer "Nozzles" of different types, for plant protection equipments. "NOZZLES"! which are the heart of plant protection equipments.
Quality of spraying is finally given by Nozzles, Rater depend upon quality of Nozzles. We have continuous R & D on Nozzles, Coming up with various Nozzles as per their requirement of spraying.

With our Nozzle farmers can save their valuable chemicals in terms of quality, (also in terms of money) time along with the rich quality of spray. The "Droplet" size of Nozzles which are in micron, gives good layer of chemicals on plants and protect them from deceases. Nozzles are made out of high quality plastic materials and high cared to maintain accuracy, also non corrosive & long lasting. We have range of spray nozzles. All of various angle, discharge and application, according to their uses.